Program Entrance Criteria

The following is required for entrance into a QuEST program:The responsibility of intake, orientation, and acceptance decisions for services will be determined by Program Coordinator.

  1. Eligible participants include individuals with developmental disabilities, Regional Center eligible clients, persons with Mental Health disorders, and other persons determined eligible by the Department of Rehabilitation.
  2. Prior to referral, the referring agency confers that the individual is job ready.
  3. The individual must be 22 years of age or older.
  4. The individual must demonstrate a strong interest and motivation to enter competitive employment which requires, being on time for work, and regular attendance.
  5. The individual must have verifiable Social Security number.
  6. If medication is required, the individual must be able to administer to self within service hours.
  7. The referred person demonstrates appropriate behavior.
  8. The referred person has access to transportation.
  9. The referred person demonstrates the ability to effectively make needs known to Program Coordinator.If referral is a Mental Health participant, they will agree to cooperate with the joint efforts of the QuEST Program, Department of Rehabilitation, and Mental Health staff, in regards to their vocational needs.
  10. The referred person agrees to cooperate with the QuEST program staff in the following:
  1. Attend all scheduled job related activities.
  2.  Be on time for scheduled appointments, or call to reschedule.