QuEST offers several janitorial services at reasonable prices to suit a variety of commercial cleanliness needs. We’ve provided janitorial services for an office complex, which held 20 plus offices, as well as a list of other locations like gas stations, local retail businesses, and dentist offices.


Health in the workplace is paramount. It can be tricky on a daily basis to monitor disinfecting needs, as well as get all other required work finished. There are many spills and waste needs governed by strict regulations and procedures. QuEST is happy to help ensure the health and safety of your employees and customers, while keeping your business in compliance with any laws regarding appropriate disinfecting techniques.

It is increasingly important to be friendly to our environment. We are proud to take this on, and remove the burden from you by using appropriate chemicals and disposal methods.

Trash and Recycling

Sometimes there will be an overabundance of waste with no place to go. We can take care of that for you with our pickup service! This will eliminate unsightly overflowing dumpsters and trash cans, or help with the clean up after the office holiday party.

Office Cleaning

Office cleanliness is important for productivity as well as safety. QuEST will come in and get your office shining on a regularly scheduled basis, canceling the need for staff to concern themselves with cleaning while being effective at work.